Graphic Design

I have worked as a graphic designer for 8+ years on a diverse selection of print and digital projects specializing in designing for general institutional solutions under a wider brand, as well as for specific departmental needs. Anything from website graphics, newspaper ads, social media campaigns, student viewbooks, signage, interactive PDFs, event promotions and much more. This is a small sample of my work.

UM Gratitude Report Landing Page

This 2022 University of Manitoba webpage featured many philanthropic impact stories to share with UM community. My role was to review stories, source/create appropriate graphics, and collaborate with our animator on the dancing northern lights hero image. 

This high-profile project required  communication and collaboration between the design and digital teams as the drupal web editor offered limited design features.

University of Manitoba's Gratitude Report website screenshots with northern lights hero image.

UM's Gratitude Report webpage imagery to showcase impact stories.

UM CEOS Brochure

This 6-panel folded brochure used bold colours from the UM colour palette and impactful supplied photography to promote the mission and research excellence of the Centre for Earth Observation Science.

Centre for Earth Observation Science 6-panel brochure.

UM Alumni Postcard

A conceptually designed retro 7 x 5" print postcard and social media campaign was designed as a direct mail piece and online campaign to playfully encourage University of Manitoba alumni to submit their emails to stay connected to their alma mater.

UM Alumni postcard and social media graphics depicting retro "let's get physical" design.

UM 2020 Open House Promotion

University of Manitoba's Open House is a an event that allows high school students and their families to explore what UM has to offer. To promote this event, posters were updated, and graphics were designed (web graphics, digital screens, ads, social media).

Various promotional collateral designed for open house including: posters, digital screens, ads.

Examples of posters, and digital graphics created for Open House 2020.

UM 2020 Student Viewbooks

Each year thousands of viewbooks are printed and uploaded online for prospective University of Manitoba students to promote UM’s programs, offerings and opportunities. My role while working on the viewbooks was to design the covers, develop student profile features, update inside spreads and brochure, and provide art direction during photo sessions.

Examples of viewbook covers and International Student brochure.

In 2020, a domestic Student Viewbook, Indigenous Student Viewbook and wide-format International Student Brochure were updated.

Viewbook overlay samples showing inside pages and student profiles.

Samples of inside spreads and student profile features (which often required photo session art direction).

Winnipeg Free Press Wrap

Before the pandemic changed the world, a  newspaper wrap was scheduled to run on April 4, 2020 to showcase the impact of the $626,260,909 campaign for the University of Manitoba.

Artwork and writing was developed by Kathryn Carnegie and Katie Chalmers-Brooks for UM Today Magazine. I consulted with Katie to design the newspaper wrap that would be launched during a sensitive time to a large audience.

This wrap beat 2900 entries from 27 countries to win a Gold award for the CASE Circle of Excellence Award for Publications: Fundraising - Individual Fundraising Publications.

2014 Signature Awards Banners

As part of a 2014 work placement at Tom Powell Design, I was tasked with creating a series of thematic banners for the 2014 Signature Awards using pre-existing logos, colour palette and iconic James Bond imagery. The banners were printed and featured in the event space.

Three event banners depicting James Bond thematic imagery for the 70th Signature Awards.

2021 UM President's Holiday Greeting

Artwork and writing was developed in collaboration with Katie Chalmers-Brooks for University of Manitoba's president's holiday greeting.  

The theme of this card focused on the beauty that was around us, despite the trying times the pandemic brought on.